Friday, March 8, 2013

Go Daddy Webcast on Storage Validation

SwiftTest and Go Daddy are announcing a jointly sponsored webcast entitled “Storage Validation at Go Daddy:  Best Practices from the World’s Largest Web Hosting Service Provider”.  I am thrilled about this webcast, as I am thrilled about our relationship with this great team.  

I believe the webcast holds important information for many IT organizations.  One of the major trends transforming IT today is the move towards Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).   While Amazon, Rackspace, and others have popularized the public model, what about private examples, where IT organizations provide IaaS to their internal customers?  Many IT organizations ambition to transition to this model, but many also wonder where to start, or fear change.

Go Daddy’s storage team is a very successful example of an internal IaaS provider.  They provide storage-as-a-service to Go Daddy’s application teams with 99.999% uptime, and labor efficiency well above industry standards.  With SwiftTest’s help, the Go Daddy team has implemented an amazing new storage validation process:  one or two weeks of validation of every new storage solution with SwiftTest tells the storage engineers all they need to know about the solution’s suitability for production: can it support the expected load? How will it behave at peak  capacity? Where are its limits? What is the optimal configuration?  With the insights generated through storage validation, they are now free to innovate, to pursue faster, better and cheaper solutions.  They are firmly in control of their cost structure, and their service delivery.  As they put it: they are now in the driver’s seat.

That process innovation was required to transition to IaaS should not be a surprise: as many industry observers have pointed out, IaaS is not just about the adoption of cloud technologies, it is also most critically about the transformation of IT organizations and of their processes.  Go Daddy’s journey is a great example to the many who see IaaS as the wave of the future, yet don’t know exactly how to get there.  SwiftTest was a key enabler of Go Daddy’s storage engineering process.  Our mission, as the leader in Storage Validation, is to empower storage experts, like the Go Daddy team, with the insight they need to improve service delivery and control costs.  We’re proud to be a part of their success!

Here’s the link to the exciting webcast!


Philippe Vincent
President and CEO

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Webinar: Product Training on SwiftTest v3.0

SwiftTest is proud to announce its latest
product release:  v3.0!
As announced last month, SwiftTest launched its latest product suite:  version 3.0. 

For customers wanting to learn more about the latest features and benefits, sign up for a webinar scheduled for Thursday, December 6 at 9 AM Pacific.  Contact Erin Swanson ( for details. 

Product Training Agenda
The training will review the features and benefits in the latest release including:

Latest Protocols and Enhancements

File: SMB 3.0, NFSv4.1, Block: Fibre Channel/SCSI, Object: HTTP 
-      Technology Overview 
-      Test Challenges 
-      SwiftTest Solution 
-      Demos
Read the “What’s New” datasheet to learn more about the 3.0 release.

We look forward to seeing you online!

Erin Swanson
SwiftTest Marketing

Monday, November 12, 2012

Private Cloud White Paper

Sign up to get our latest white paper to learn how networked storage testing can help you plan, configure, optimize, and troubleshoot your private cloud implementation and/or migration.

Based on real customer experiences, the white paper describes how a pre-production testing approach provides critical configuration information and reveals important infrastructure behavior issues. The process saves users valuable time and helps them design more robust solutions for greater performance and up time.
The paper also answers important questions such as:
  • How many concurrent VMs will meet user expectations? 
  • What is the optimal number of VMs to boot simultaneously?
  • How will my storage respond to a boot storm?
So get this white paper today!

Erin Swanson
SwiftTest Marketing

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SNW Fall 2012: Control Storage Costs with SwiftTest

Typical crowd visiting our booth during the
Fall 2012 SNW trade show event.
We’ve got record attendance at this year’s SNW event!  So join the crowd and visit SwiftTest’s kiosk (#P2) here at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

As a storage engineer or architect, you know how difficult it is to determine how your infrastructure will perform in production. By using SwiftTest, you can answer this difficult question in 3 simple steps:  set-up, test, and analyze the results.  Our test solution combines the industry’s deepest and most accurate simulation of networked storage workloads with the highest load performance available, capable of stressing today’s largest cloud infrastructures.

So come check us out now! The evening session is about to begin where we’ll present our solution and give away a $250 Apple gift card.

Erin Swanson,
SwiftTest Marketing

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SwiftTest Secures $7.25 Million in Series B Funding

Azure Capital leads funding round 
for data center infrastructure 
testing and analytics provider
We are excited to have closed $7.25M in funding, as announced in the press release here.

It’s been a great ride since shipping our first product three years ago – and now being the leader in networked storage testing. 

The money will enable SwiftTest to deepen its product offering and accelerate our go to market strategy.  The financing will also be applied to continued customer support and company growth.

We’d like to thank all the investors who contributed to the round, especially Paul Weinstein, General Partner at Azure Capital Partners. According to Paul, “SwiftTest’s innovative technology enables them to fill a critical void in the market. We’re thrilled to join them in their mission.” 

And we’re thrilled to be one of Azure’s portfolio partners.

Erin Swanson,
SwiftTest Marketing

Latest Company Trend: C-Level Executive Canines

My typical day as a C-Level executive 
at SwiftTest.
I’m blushing a lot lately, as I was featured in the Silicon Beat as SwiftTest’s CCSO (Chief Customer Satisfaction Officer).  

The article highlights my responsibilities at SwiftTest and how I boost employee morale and continuously strive for customer satisfaction.   

Here’s a big “woof” of gratitude to Pat May, the author of the article, as well as to Dai Sugano who took the AMAZING photos of me at the SwiftTest headquarters. You guys rock.

Moe de Maupassant 
SwiftTest CCSO (Chief Customer Satisfaction Officer)